Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Alright, Bah Humbug

So another Christmas has come and gone in the Londo household. I have learned a handful of things from this experience that I wanted to share.

In no particular order, other than the order they occurred to me:

1. I do not like Christmas. (yeah, yeah, Bah Humbug to you too:)

2. Christmas is all about the kids. I get it. When I was a kid I looked at Christmas as a magical thing. It was all about the whole family being together and about waking up to a magical tree, with magical presents, and having a big, Southern, magical breakfast. It was about opening the aforementioned magical presents and playing all day with the aforementioned magical family. It was about magic. Now I get it though. All of the magic was a creation of the tremendously hard work of my parents. And now, I am supposed to be the magic maker. (dammit all, I didn't see that one coming, Thanks Mom and Dad.)

3. I haven't liked Christmas music since I worked in a mall. However, I really like singing Christmas songs to the Pumpkin. She gets a kick out of them and I realize just how many of the darned things I know all the words too (thanks Mall.)

4. Some of the things we do as Christmas traditions make no sense. For example, WTF are we doing bringing a tree into my living room, then stringing electric lights to it. The trees must be furious this time of year. There they are, hanging out in their foresty homes and taking in the sun when out of nowhere, some jackass with a chainsaw comes around and takes 'em down. Then to top off the humiliation, we put them in their little tree-stand life-support apparatus' and humiliate them for a month. I feel the worst for the ones that get replanted afterwards. Can you imagine the stories they tell their friends: "Dude, you are never gonna believe what happened to me..." (Thanks a lot Pagans.)

5. Christmas cartoons are still pretty damned entertaining. I especially like the ones that are all claymation and stuff. (Thanks California Raisins.)

6. It's impossible to get EVERYTHING done. It's highly unlikely that you will get 75% of everything done. There is a 100% likelihood that, at some point, you will scream if you try to do too much. (Thanks Valium.)

7. I absolutely love watching the Pumpkin opening presents on Christmas morning. Mind you, all she wants is the wrapping paper and to chew the gift bag that is probably made of Chinese lead paint, but it's a blast to see the look on her face. (Thanks, import/export laws.)

8. I will make it through as many of these things as I need to, and she will never, EVER, know that her Father isn't Christmas' biggest fan. She will have all of the magic, all of the family, all of the presents, and all of the love that she can handle. (thanks Mom and Dad.)
P.S. this blog will self-destruct in 8 years or so, to preserve my Daughter's hero worship of her Daddy.

9. I love Christmas. (Thanks Pumpkin.)




caramama said...

I'm in a surprisingly Bah Humbug mood as well. And I agree completely with your number 2. That's exactly how I've been feeling! It's as if we are on the same page or something. Hmmm. ;-)

I'm sure it'll get easier though. We can come up with a Lessons Learned and implement some Best Practices for next year. Are ya with me?

nutmeg96 said...

Is this thing on?